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Documentary series films for The American Theatre Wing
Working in the Theatre shares the stories of the people that make theatre great and provides our audience with the most comprehensive and in-depth conversations, interviews, and resources about American theatre anywhere online.

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Episode List
Sign Language Theatre
Under construction/ Andrew Ondrejcak

59 Productions
Arena Stage
Colossal Dallas
Colossal Minneapolis
Colossal Washington D.C
Manual Cinema
Marie’s Crisis
The Globe
The Society of London Theatre
Second City
Prop Masters
Projection Design Jeff Sugg

Reimagining Shakespeare 20 min
Swings, Standbys, and Understudies 16 min
Before The Show 2
Before The Show 3
Puppets on Stage
Scenic Designers
Since I suppose

Before The show 1 21 min
Costumes 33 min
Immersive Theatre 19 min
Playwrights 55 min

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